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Membership in the Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) is by company or organization. There is no charge for membership, which is by invitation after review by the Executive Committee. Multiple representatives of a Member organization are encouraged to submit a Registration Form, which provides an easy path for introduction to the Committees that interest you.
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NOTE: Each Member organization is only allowed one vote, whether in a Committee, or other WHPA entity; however, the voting individual for a Member organization may vary on different Committees.
To your knowledge, is the Legal Entity you are representing already a Member of the Western HVAC Performance Alliance? (CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS)
If your organization is not a WHPA Member, your Registration Form will automatically result in the organization being considered for membership at the next monthly Executive Committee meeting.
* Please provide a brief description of the organization (legal entity) you represent:
* Please provide a brief description of your background, including HVAC industry and/or energy efficiency involvement:
* While WHPA member organizations are not required to serve on Committees or to work on short-term projects, the WHPA exists for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and demand in HVAC. How do you envision you and your organization could contribute to that effort?
* Yes , I have read and will abide by the Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) Code of Conduct.
* Yes , within one week I will read the HVAC Section (Section 6, Pages 53 – 61) of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.
* Yes , I will support the Vision, Mission and Goals of the WHPA and abide by its rules of governance as outlined in the Charter.
* Yes , prior to making motions or voting in Committees or working groups, I will read the Charter.
* Yes , within a reasonable period, I will read the HVAC Convener Report which informed the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.
* Yes , within a reasonable period, I will read the HVAC Action Plan, a progress report on the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.
* Yes , I agree to receive occasional communications from the Performance Alliance (e.g., meeting minutes, utility program information, notices of public workshops, etc.)
Below are the current Committees of the Western HVAC Performance Alliance. Please check up to three Committees in which you may be interested in participating. You will be contacted by a representative who will review your selections with you and then introduce you to committee chairs and their staff support personnel. (NOTE: This registration form is updated quarterly and may not fully reflect your serving options.)
Commercial Quality Installation Committee (CQI): Develops a roadmap on how CQI can help meet California's energy savings goals with particular focus on specifying quality standards and protocols.
Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee (CQM): Makes recommendations to operationalize Standard 180 (which is synonymous with and defines “CQM”) including researching and developing an effective value proposition.
Compliance Committee: Provides recommendations to support compliance, enforcement, and verification of applicable building and appliance standards.
Council of Advisors (COA): The following types of organizations are eligible for membership in the COA:
  • Organizations with members such as associations, societies, labor unions, and similar
  • Certifying bodies such as AABC, BPI, EMA, NATE, NEBB, STAR, TABB, and similar
  • Publicly owned/municipal utilities such as LADWP and SMUD
The mission of the COA is to own, evolve, update, and help implement the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) and the HVAC Action Plan. This responsibility includes assessing progress of these two plans in the market, IOU programs, and regulatory policy.
Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan Committee: Acts as a resource for the California Energy Commission as it continues to develop a comprehensive strategy for greater energy efficiency in existing buildings in California.
Fault, Detection, and Diagnostics Committee (FDD): Explores, defines, and promotes useful research into both imbedded and in-field portable fault detection and diagnostics.
Residential Quality Installation Committee (RQI): Makes recommendations to operationalize ACCA Standard 5 (which is synonymous with and defines “RQI”) and ACCA Standard 9 (the ANSI accredited RQI verification protocol), including identifying research needs.
Workforce Education and Training Committee: Provides guidance, information, and subject matter expertise to the statewide investor-owned utility team responsible for implementation of the workforce education and training pilot program.
Other: I am not interested in any of the above Committees or Working Groups, but I am interested in the following HVAC-related efficiency subjects (please list in your own words your own interests: e.g.; Market Transformation, Emerging Technologies, HVAC Standards, Energy Engineering, HVAC in Whole Building Performance, etc.):
* How did you hear about the Western HVAC Performance Alliance?
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